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Honey Badger Extracts is an award-winning extraction company specializing in high-quality cannabis extracts. We always use premium-quality Canadian Cannabis. We produce Shatter, Live Resin/ FSE (Diamonds + Sauce), Shatter Sticks, and D9 Distillate Pens.

Since 2015 our commitment to quality over everything has been known nationwide in the Canadian cannabis industry. We have worked hard to apply cutting-edge technology in our Cannabis Extraction process, creating products customers love. 

We have an unwavering dedication to exceeding the expectations of cannabis enthusiasts with a strong passion for extracts.

Our Products

Here are some of the products we have developed at Honey Badger Extracts.

Honey Badger Extracts Products are made with premium quality cannabis flower only. Our award-winning shatter has been enjoyed from coast to coast. Partnering with some of Canada’s best cannabis cultivators. Honey Badger has maintained a reputation for developing some of the best extracts in the game!

Honey Badger Extracts Shatter


Excellent High-Quality Shatter made with the best AAAA+ Flower we can find. We have spent years making the best shatter with the perfect colour, texture, and flavour. 

Honey Badger Extracts Full Spectrum Extracts

FSE | Full Spectrum Extracts

We use the best AAAA+ flower to make the Full-Spectrum Extracts you are sure to love. Stored in a sealed glass container with the best terpenes you are sure to love. 

Honey Badger Extracts Shatter Sticks

Shatter Sticks

Made with the best quality disposable vape pens. We have tuned them to provide you with the most flavor. Offering the best taste and buzz that is sure to put a huge smile on your face. You are going to want to try all the strains. 

Honey Badger Extracts Baller Jars

Baller Jars

We offer our Full-Spectrum Extracts in the Baller Jars, allowing you to stock up at the best price on the Strains you love. Become a Honey Badger Baller...

Honey Badger Extracts Shirts Hoodies

Shirts & Hoodies

We have some of the coolest shirts and hoodies with unique designs that you see on the site and our products. We only have a limited number of hoodies and shirts available. So get them while you can. 

Honey Badger Pre Rolled Joints Blunts

Pre-Rolled Infused Joints Coming Soon!

Sometimes when we find the nicest AAAA+ flower, we offer pre-rolled infused joints and blunts.


Questions our team often encounters from store owners and wholesalers.

Customers have been receiving our extracts dating back to 2015. We developed the Honey Badger Live in Early 2016 and haven't looked back. We have worked hard to make a brand that is dedicated to exceptional quality. 

We can be found in over 200+ stores across Canada as well as a high number of Online Retailers that can ship the products directly to you. If you are having any issues, feel free to send us an email. 

Customers can find our partnered store that specializes in selling our products. We currently do not operate a store or online sales network. Sorry!

Feel Free to send us a message or email. Let us know about your store and your current sales numbers. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Safety is a significant concern, and customers may inquire about the company's safety protocols and track record. We have developed a full lab with the safest practices. We always store products in high-quality food-grade packaging to ensure the cleanest and safest results. 

We are always extracting new strains. We work hard to ensure customers enjoy new strains and not always just the same old strains. We keep the curiosity of "what new products do they have..." alive for your customers to bring the back to your store. 

Trusted Wholesale Network

We have partnered with several trusted suppliers who can help you stock Honey Badger Extracts.

Our dedication to our loyal wholesale network will help grow your business.
Make your store, a store to be remembered.

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